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Clinic status

Updated: Mar 3

I am currently accepting some new referrals for psychoanalysis.


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Substantiation: substances and chem-sex

People have been taking all sorts of things for 1000’s of years: tonics, potions, hallucinogens, hypnotics, stimulants, alcohol, pills, vapours and smoke. Orgies, festivals, parties and happenings hav

It’s A Re(a)d Flag! Semaphore And Ascription

It’s a re(a)d flag! After all, semaphore cannot be anything else. Perhaps it is because of this that psychoanalysis doesn’t interpret by re(a)d flags, nor other images like the tarot or astrology. But

Some Not(es), For The School

A school is to be taken in this case as a place to ask some questions next to critical discourse and critical thinking. After all, anywhere that charges so-called training fees might necessitate a dia


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