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Fees: They Too Are For Goods And Services

The fees of psychoanalysis, even if they are low, are agreed by the analyst, after all it is their clinic. Fees can be renegotiated if the analyst thinks it would support the analysis, but they are always due and there may be indications from the analysis that reductions, allowances and negotiations may not be indicated for the direction of the analysis.

The facts of the matter under the goods and services act are that payment is due upon receipt of goods and services and late payments may incur interest. If a person has capacity and requests an appointment with the knowledge that there is a fee, and requests further appointments, then the fee can be expected.

Failure to pay without telling the analyst can be considered theft, and if the fee is deliberately withheld then intentional deception may also be considered along with other forensic material such as sadistic traits etc. The analyst may have forensic experience but even if they do they may wish to appoint a specialist forensic supervisor who can help them, in addition to their usual supervisor, in some cases.

And, the fee in a Lacanian clinic does not equate with time and the analyst is unlikely to charge by the minute or by the hour. This is made clear at the start during the initial meetings and assessment: it is the speech of the analysand that punctuates the appointments.


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