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Some Notes, Considering The Clinic

The analyst will generally appoint a supervisor, or more, when there is some interest in the supervisor’s work. After all, to appoint a supervisor is in itself an acknowledgement that the analyst doesn’t know everything.

And, the analyst may change the supervisor, even if they want to: it is the analysts’ choice who they wish to employ. Any demands from doctrinaire trainings for sameness, fixed ideas about frequency and indoctrination should be thoroughly questioned. The fee of the supervisor can be claimed back as an expense of the analysts’ clinic, but only if the analyst can afford it.

And, accurate details about signifiers, formations, dreams, diagnosis, history etc. given by the analyst to the supervisor, assures the analyst has taken reasonable and responsible means to support their clinic and their insurance. Since when could the supervisor work without them.

And, like anyone, the analyst will have their own symptoms that may include formations such as hysterical mutism, aphonia and amnesias and the analyst may sometimes use notes to assist their access to supervision in this way, too, if they wish. Any supervisor and so-called training that are prejudice against symptoms and formations can be disregarded on the grounds of discrimination.


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