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Substantiation: substances and chem-sex

People have been taking all sorts of things for 1000’s of years: tonics, potions, hallucinogens, hypnotics, stimulants, alcohol, pills, vapours and smoke. Orgies, festivals, parties and happenings have also been around since forever.

Temporary and sometimes permanent ways to loose yourself, to go out of your mind, to relieve some pain, to escape and to simply have a good time are aims that include greater or lesser excess, pain and enjoyment, even during sex, and even during sex with yourself.

Nothing particularly new, we could say, but some current preoccupation with other peoples sex lives might be. The level of intrigue is probably more interesting than the topic.

Psychoanalysis is not concerned with a professionalisation of life and even worse a regulation of peoples sex lives. Enjoyment and suffering may be articulated in psychoanalysis, but only if you want to.


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